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Vch exchange and NANASHI

Vch exchange is a new exchange for cryptocurrency. NANASHI is a token of the exchange. NANASHI means “an anonymous person” in Japanese and hereinafter, we referred it as “NNSH”. These were advocated at 5channel, the bulletin board system in Japan.
Vch exchange follows this ideology from 5channel and the communities, and aims to get all the domestic cryptocurrencies listed. Similar to the volunteers gathering at 5channel, who have yielded various cultures, this exchange is going to stimulate businesses and future visions.

How to get NNSH

  • At exchanges (planning to get listed in September 2018)
  • At AirDrop
  • At Vch exchange

Details of NNSH

Total supply: 50 billion

  • Fundraising to establish Vch
  • Public Relations
  • Development
  • Management
  • Others(Airdrop etc)

We do not conduct ICO but only conduct AirDrop.
The profit of the first listing is used for establishing Vch. We do not receive any benefits from the sales.





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